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You would think having your own cooking show and being married to an NBA star, you would be living your best life. But that is on the surface, on the inside this could be tearing you down. Who would have thought, right? Well Ayesha Curry opened up recently on Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’ about how being married to Steph Curry point guard of the championship winning Golden State Warriors, has caused her to not receive attention from other males contributing to her insecurity. And the social media trolls have went in on her.

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But she’s married, right? Does she need other male attention? Does she have a valid point?

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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This is me throwing a pair of spanx in a Marie Kondo-Esque bin. “Does it spark joy?” I have never been one to cage my feelings and emotions to any capacity. I am human. It brings me pure joy to speak my mind, be vulnerable at times and to know myself inside and out. Seeing as how it’s mental health awareness month I really want to take the time to encourage everyone to speak their truth regardless of perception, fitting into a mold or offending someone, because it’s YOUR truth. And that’s okay! If what I’m not afraid to say out loud about being a 30yr mama of 3 helps another woman like me feel like they’re not the alone and not the only one with an insecurity (because we ALL have them, don’t play) then that makes all of this hoopla worth it. If you get a chance to watch the actual RTT and not the headlines and rumors please do! There is so much more depth to the talk and our family is grateful to @jadapinkettsmith for giving us the opportunity to bond together. As women let’s continue to uplift, empower and not suppress and compress our feelings and thoughts, as fleeting as some of them may be 😏. Love to you all! Go FIND YOUR JOY and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH unapologetically. 🙏🏽(that’s all-Miranda voice)

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