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When They See Us

Source: Xilla Valentine / GlobalGrind

Thank’s to Ava DuVernay’s  docu-series streaming on Netflix ‘When They See Us’, we have been educated or for some reeducated about the story of the Central Park Five that as teenagers were accused, questioned without the presence of their parents then wrongfully convicted of raping and brutally beating a white woman in Central Park in 1989.

Korey Wise one of the Central Park Five who was only involved in this whole thing because he wen to the police station to make sure his friend Yusef Salaam was okay.  Korey Wise because he was 16 years old spent years in an adult prison’s before learning while locked up that one of the prisoners he was locked up was the actual rapists and because of his confession the Central Park Five in 2003 were exonerated then sued New York City and won $42 million dollars.

The only thing that aided in their prosecution was their coerced confessions that were edited for the jury.

Korey Wise full almost 2 hour video confession has now been released and it is even more appalling then what was shown on ‘When They See Us’.  Korey Wise because who almost lost his life in prison behind all of this can be seen in this video as the young scarred child that he was.

Warning:  This video is extremely hard to watch.

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