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Your spouse has passed their close friend steps in to help you out.  You and the friend catch feelings for one another.  Are you crossing a ‘friend zone line’?

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A loyal listener in-law’s think that she has crossed the friend zone line and they are upset, so she in-boxed Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, on Facebook during his Reality Hour segment to find out if in all her grief is she in fact crossing a line.

Check out what happened below.

Dear Sam

My husband died a year ago and his best friend has been really been there for me and the kids. He spends a lot of time with us and we have started catching feelings for each other. Well my brothers in law came by and decided to confront him because they say he is over our house too much and that he is a no good friend for trying to get with his friends wife. My mother in-law is furious with me because she suspects something is going on between us. But other than talk noting has happened but my question is would we be wrong to get together?

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