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Raphael Saadiq

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The legendary Raphael Saadiq has heard people call him one of the most underrated musicians ever and now he’s here with the Madd Hatta Morning show inside the Houston BMW Studios. Saadiq breaks down his brand new album Jimmy Lee (11:43) and how he felt now was the right time to release such a personal album, working with Solange (31:41), working with Prince (42:38), his relationship with Tony! Toni! Tone! and if there’s going to be a reunion (46:22) and more!

On Prince:

“I talked to Prince a lot during those times on tour with him. Prince took me under his wing a lot, he’d take me to a club and ask me, ‘Are there enough girls here for you?’ He’d hire the whole Ford Model Agency – all the models, like the most beautiful girls in the world. I had a Jheri curl and a fanny pack, nobody should have been talking to me. But I was with Prince! He was always the type of guy who told me, “I got a nice voice.” Just to watch him rehearse, he was serious. He really didn’t like people. He liked me because, he never liked people who tried to clone him out. That’s what he did to promote himself, he didn’t understand why people wanted to be him. That’s what I learned from him, just to be yourself and find your niche.”

On The Tony! Toni! Tone! Reunion:

“My dad always made sure that me and my brother had a love for each other. SO we’re doing an EP. Me and the Tony’s are doing a 6, 7-song EP. So we’re getting together (this show in Oakland) with Digital Underground, Hammer in Oakland. So when it comes out we’re definitely going to hit the road and hit cities where people have been demanding it.

Me and my brother are big bud smokers … we never had any problems hanging out. Nothing ever changed. The business part never got right because we didn’t understand each others ways of thinking. Now that everyone gets my way of thinking, I own a video game company … so once you realize that music isn’t everything for me, he understood that. We represent a legacy of music the right way. What made us come back together was that a family member said something bad about us in a documentary. We got a lot of love with each other.”

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