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“The View” might be known for their in-fighting but on this day they united in tearing a part Donnie Jr. The lies and tomfoolery were unacceptable to Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Abby Huntsman and  Meghan McCain.

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Donnie Jr.’s hissy fit started immediately when Abby Huntsman grilled him on releasing the whistleblower’s name who exposed 45’s now infamous Ukraine conversation. Huntsman said, “The whole point of releasing a name is to intimidate someone, to threaten someone, and to scare other people from coming out. That’s something that dictators do … that’s not what America does. That’s not what we do.”

Donnie tried to defend himself by saying the whistleblower’s name was already out there. Hostin, a former federal prosecutor,  turned to his wife and said, “Kimberly, you’re a lawyer, we have known each other, you’re a former prosecutor. Did you advise your boyfriend that it is a federal crime to out a whistleblower?”

Trump Jr. tried to say it wasn’t accurate. Hostin clapped back with, “My law degree says it is,” she said. See the exchange below:

See the exchange below:

Trump Jr. also tried to come for Behar saying she was once in “blackface,” which made Goldberg jump in.

“Being black, I recognize blackface. This I can say. I know it when I see it,” Goldberg said. “Now that you’ve broken this piece of ice, because I guess this is the fight you wanted, are you questioning my character? I didn’t question anybody, I simply said that when you’re talking about your father taking more heat than anyone else [as president], that is not so.”

See below:

McCain also went in on Trump Jr, about the topic of character.

Character in politics is important, I believe,” McCain began. “It was how I was raised. It’s the way I view the lens of America, and I understand what you’re saying about policy, but when you’re talking about attacking Gold Star families, who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice more than any of us in this room have given, and you put them through pain, does it make you feel like it was worth it?”

Trump Jr. struggled to defend his father attacking McCain’s father, especially when he was fighting cancer. He stressed that he believes his father “has great character.”

A clear disaster.


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