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R. Kelly’s troubles with incarceration started after Lifetime brought the alleged ‘‘Surviving R. Kelly” survivors to the spot light with their docu-series, and to start the new year off with a bang Lifetime is bringing us a recap to ‘‘Surviving R. Kelly”  that will be 6 hours long spanning 3 days titled ‘Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning’  that will air starting January 3, 2020.  The new episodes promise to look at the fallout of the first edition, and also teases further big revelations regarding the abuse he allegedly inflicted on so many women.

But guess what?  Some of the survivors of part one are not happy with Lifetime and are furious about  part II and one of them, Andrea Kelly, say’s she is suing.

Drea Kelly is heated at Lifetime after speaking her truth for part I, because of the lack of support Lifetime gave to the alleged survivors and said she would not participate in part II.  But when Drea viewed the official trailer that dropped yesterday for ‘Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning’ and seen herself in the trailer, she hit the roof, then hit up TMZ to vent her displeasure then let the them as well as the world know that she is suing.

Another alleged survivor that was in Part I that is not happy about Part II is Lisa Van Allen (see post below).  If you remember Ms. Van Allen was the young lady who said back in the day that she had relations along with Kell’s with the alleged 13 year old who’s video has passed out all over America that Robert Kelly ended up going to trial for.

Andrea Kelly is the ex-wife of R. Kelly and mother of his 3 children.

Take a look at the official trailer and what Drea Kelly had to say below:

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