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What is done in the dark will come to light and the train that is named R. Kelly has derailed once again in the aftermath of Surviving R. Kelly Part:  The Reckoning.  And in the words of Dianne Reeves, “child we are all moons in the dark of night. Ain’t no morning gonna come ’til the time is right. Can’t get to better days lest you make it through the night” and for Tim Savage morning may be coming.

Azriel Clary shocked the world last night when an IG Live video she posted went viral last night of Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage fist fighting over what appears to be Azriel being over Robert Kelly.   According to the video Azriel wanted to press charges on Joycelyn, police were called, Joycelyn may have been arrested and Azriel was taken to the hospital for treatment.

TMZ caught up with Tim Savage and his wife to ask him had he seen the fight video.  Tim Savage said he has seen it, but he feels the video is sketchy so he praying about it and putting it in his lawyers hands.  (see video below)

If Tim Savage bails Joycelyn out do you think she is going home to her family or back home to wait for Daddy?