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There use to be a song that went “downtown that’s the way to my heart”, well in the case of Orlando Brown claiming that Nick Cannon took a trip downtown with him, it lead to the Major Payne star getting read on possibly needing to take a trip to get some mental and/or drug abuse help.

Child acting star Orlando Brown is back in the news for going on video alluding that Mr Wild ‘N Out, Nick Cannon allegedly performed  fellatio  on him and he kind of liked it however knew it was wrong. (see below)

Nick Cannon first thought/reaction was like what most men being accused of this act that isn’t necessarily in the group of people that are in to this sort of thing.  But then he thought about it and responded very intellectually about child actors that need professional mental health help for when the lights go out.

When I first saw this I thought it was fucking hilarious!!!! 🤣🍆💦😂😂😂

But then after putting a little cognitive effort and analytical thought to the situation,I figured what a great opportunity for a “teachable moment”!

Nick Cannon delivered a great message opposed to choking Orlando out via Instagram. However whether the message was properly received cognitively speaking is a whole other matter.

Why did Orlando Brown do this?  Only God knows.

Orlando Brown is the second celebrity this week in the news where it appears that they are in need of mental health help.   Truly a sad situation.

We will continue to keep Orlando Brown uplifted in our prayers.

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