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The Gayle King interview about Kobe Bryant with Lisa Leslie exuded a lot of emotions from a lot of people.  Gayle King blamed CBS for all us getting a little upset about the piece of interview we all seen on social media.  She contended that what we viewed was taken out of context and if we seen the complete interview we wouldn’t have got mad.

Snoop Dogg who is good friends with Kobe was irate when he seen the interview and went off on Gayle King in a video of his own.  Which launched the #IstandWithGayle trend on social media.  Many came to Gayle’s rescue and defense about what Snoop said and Gayle’s BFF, Oprah even sat for an interview to say that Gayle was not doing well, she has to have security to go out.

Then the biggest Gayle defense came from U.S. National Security Adviser from 2013 to 2017, Susan Rice when she warned Snoop Dogg to back the **** off Gayle King., that he didn’t want none of this.  

Crazy that this Snoop Dogg thing became a matter of National Defense.

So with all of this drama, Snoop Dogg has maned up and acknowledged that he made a mistake in responding in anger to Gayle King via social media about her interview.  Snoop say’s he was raised better than that and in the words of David Peaston ♫ I know I hurt you now you wanna hurt me back two wrongs don’t make it right ♫ and apologized via another video.

Hmmm I wonder will Gayle King do another video too ??

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