Georgia NAACP Holds Protest For Shooting Death Of Jogger Ahmaud Arbery

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Just when you thought the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery couldn’t spark any more outrage, wait until you see what one person in connection to the crime did.

The sister of the man who killed Arbery, 25, posted a photo the late young man’s body to her Snapchat page.

That would be Lindsay McMichael, 30, whose brother, Travis McMichael, 34, was the one who pulled the trigger while he and his father, Gregory, 64, were both chasing down Arbery “in a pickup truck and kill him.”

Lindsay posted the photo in the first place because she happens to be a “a true-crime fan.”

From EURweb:

“I had no nefarious or malicious intent when I posted that picture,” she told the outlet. “The thing is I’m a huge fan of true crime — I listen to four or five podcasts a week — I’m constantly watching that sort of thing.”

She did say it was “poor judgment.”

The lawyer for Arbery’s family thought so too, adding that her “posting a photo of his dead body online “fits the pattern” of her family’s thirst for violence.”

The picture that was shared was “disturbing” to the family and anyone who had seen it.

The lawyer, S. Lee Merritt, also took to Twitter to share video of the site where Arbery was seen before his death.  It shows he was not the only person to ever show up.

Meanwhile, Lindsay stood up for her family, adding that “they never “meant to kill anybody” and always “loved” her non-white boyfriends.”

She did say that they have been threatened since Arbery’s death.  She also wants everyone that she and her family are not “monsters.”


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