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Donald Trump’s handling of the Black Lives Matter Movement has been to pretend that the movement doesn’t exist, but yesterday in Midtown Manhattan in New York, Donald Trump was given something to help him remember that Black Lives DO Matter, for every time he visits and/or he looks out the window of his beloved Trump Towers, a Black Lives Matter Mural.

Mayor Bill de Blasio gave the okay to do it, so city workers started painting the large black and yellow words ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the street in front of Trump Towers that sits on Fifth Avenue.  And the city workers were not the only ones out there painting the Mayor himself who says he is committed to the meaning of the message as well as the Reverend Al Sharpton strapped on their masks and grabbed a brush to help paint the mural.

Who does the Trumpster feel about the large mural in front of Trump Towers?  He feels the Black Lives Matter mural  will “denigrating” the area.

denigrating:  to speak damagingly of; criticize in a derogatory manner; sully; defame; to treat or represent as lacking in value or importance; belittle; disparage; to make black; blacken

Is that what the president thinks about Black Lives?

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