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A video went viral of a 25 year old, Ahmaud Arbery, jogging in a neighborhood in his home state of Georgia on February 23, 2020 when a former police officer and his son chased him down, authorities said. According to a Glynn County Police report, Gregory McMichael later told officers that he thought Arbery looked like a […]

47 year old Andre’ Hill was eulogized by black royalty after being unceremoniously killed by police in Columbus, OH. On December 22, 2020,  Columbus, Ohio, former Policer Officer Adam Coy was responding to a non-emergency call from a neighbor who allegedly witnessed someone sit in an SUV and turn the car on and off.  When […]

Donald Trump’s handling of the Black Lives Matter Movement has been to pretend that the movement doesn’t exist, but yesterday in Midtown Manhattan in New York, Donald Trump was given something to help him remember that Black Lives DO Matter, for every time he visits and/or he looks out the window of his beloved Trump […]

Reverend Al Sharpton reminds us to get our New Years resolutions together and to take them seriously. At the end of every year tons of people have their resolutions and by the end of that year the average person has forgotten what their new year’s resolution was. Rev Al encourages us to do better in […]

Diddy has never been one to hold his tongue on hot button issues. Though politics typically hasn’t been his lane, the music-mogul turned charter school founder kept it 100 with his assessment of Obama’s eight years in office. “My number one thing, though, to be honest, is Black people,” the Bad Boy founder told Al Sharpton during a […]

We are emotionally devastated following the horrific terrorist act against the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina that left nine dead and the Black community reeling. In the wake of the tragedy, civil rights activist Al Sharpton released this statement: “I am shocked and outraged about the killing of nine innocent people at Emanuel AME […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) –Rev. Al Sharpton is speaking out following Cleveland Judge Adrine’s decision in the Tamir Rice case. “The National Action Network praises Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Ronald Adrine for finding probable cause Thursday to charge Cleveland police Officer Timothy Loehmann with murder in the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice last year. We […]

The National Action Network, founded by Reverend Al Sharpton, along with female civil rights leaders are staging a hunger strike until Loretta Lynch’s confirmation is pushed through. The news comes after Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn said that the Senate would be focusing first on legislation concerning Iran before it turned to a sex trafficking bill that […]

Spike Lee and Rev. Al Sharpton are not holding back on Selma director Ava DuVernay and the film’s lead actor David Oyelowo being shut out…


Scandal-ridden Sony Pictures co-chairwoman Amy Pascal received  a serious dressing down from Reverend Al Sharpton surrounding her racially insensitive e-mail conversations with a producer. On Thursday, Pascal had a…

              “Go-to” civil rights Black leader Rev. Al Sharpton (pictured) has decided to weigh in on the negative controversy swirling around pop star Justin Bieber (pictured) and the latest racist video he made five years ago that surfaced Wednesday. On the clip, the boy blunder uses the N-word repeatedly and jokes […]

  UPDATED 4/29/14, 2:54 p.m. EST: At the news of the NBA deciding to ban Donald Sterling for life, after he admitted to making the statements that recently aired, the Rev. Al Sharpton (pictured) released the following statement:   “The lifetime banning of Donald Sterling is a bold and appropriate action in this matter. This […]