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Here is a gift that given from a husband to a wife that will make an impression for centuries to come.

‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa surprised his wife Lisa Bonet, star of ‘The Cosby Show’ and ‘A Different World,’ with something that is close to her heart.

That happens to be restoring her very first car, which is a 1965 Mustang convertible.  That was something the former Denise Huxtable purchased when she was still on ‘Cosby’ at the age of 17.

From The Grio:

That the car is a famed Shelby Mustang of which there are only three in the world made it a challenge to rebuild but Momoa found Divine 1 Customs in Las Vegas that restored it back to new. The car was was rusted and decayed but the original shell was intact which gave them somewhat of a platform to work with.

Momoa adds “I know we can’t relive a memory, but maybe we can rebuild one,” before saying it “was the first car she ever bought.”

He also says that he’s “excited to see her face” when she sees the finished product when it’s presented.

The vehicle could not have been restored to its original color (white), but the new touch up coating (black) suits Bonet very well.

When she saw the newly-restored vehicle, Bonet reacted with joy.

“Holy cow,” was what she said upon seeing Momoa’s surprised gift to his wife.

She added that it was “gorgeous” and “pristine, not too flashy but just enough.”

To see the video of Momoa restoring Bonet’s prized first vehicle, check it out below:

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