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Wasn’t this a song ‘anything you can do, I can do better ♫’ ?  Even if you are not familiar with the song looking at the lyrics, that one line, the basis of the song is of immaturity and unfortunately it should be Donald Trumps anthem.

The NBA exploded in protest all over the league with anger about the Kenosha Police shooting Jacob Blake in the back at close point blank range in front of his kids.  NBA players refused to take the court, ex-players/commentators walked off of their set and legends gave tearful speech’s of the change that needs to come.

However we all know that the change that needs to come starts with leadership.

Our former leader (who still gives us leading words/guidance from his home after moving out of the White House) President Barack Obama had these words to say about the brethren around the NBA League:

“I commend the players on the [Milwaukee Bucks] for standing up for what they believe in, coaches like [Doc Rivers], and the NBA and WNBA for setting an example,”

President-Elect Donald Trump And Vice President Elect Pence Hold Election Victory Rally In Ohio

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Que up the music…our supposed to be leader that resides at the White House, President Donald Trump,  had this to say about basketball players that get paid to dribble a basketball and not be politicians even though he doesn’t know much about whats going on himself:

“people are a little tired of the NBA, frankly.”

Please be sure to vote November 3rd 2020, by any means necessary.

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