The pandemic brought many wrongs done in the dark to light.  The no knock warrant killing of Breonna Taylor by police in Louisville, KY and the police shooting of Jacob Blake Jr. in the back four times and the side three times leaving him seriously injured in Kenosha, Wisconsins all on the heals of the murder […]

On August 23, 2020 Jacob Blake was shot in the back 7 times by Kenosha Police officers as his children watched on.  The video of the incident that was recorded by a neighbor went viral sparking the protests that left two dead after a 18 year old Kyle Rittenhouse driven by his mommy travelled across […]

  Donald Trump disrespected the mayor of Kenosha then visited the city after being asked not to come, after seeming to sympathize with the 17 year old that crossed state lines to come to a protest and kill 2 people, then to add insult to injury he wouldn’t even meet with the man, Jacob Blake, […]

Wasn’t this a song ‘anything you can do, I can do better ♫’ ?  Even if you are not familiar with the song looking at the lyrics, that one line, the basis of the song is of immaturity and unfortunately it should be Donald Trumps anthem. The NBA exploded in protest all over the league with anger about […]

Protest has amped up over the video that went viral of Kenosha, WI police shooting Jacob Blake 7 times at close point range in the back while Blake was getting into his car as his children sitting in the car watched in horror.  Thank God that Jacob Blake is alive but unfortunately he is paralyzed […]