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Before New Edition Johnny Gill had a career. Before he became a member of the group he had hits like perfect combination and half crazy. But, when he moved to LA he met Mike Bivins at a whisper’s concert and he invited him to lunch and then to one of their shows. They kept going to lunch and then eventually they discussed him joining the group. Of course he accepted the offer, but for the first time all of these years later he admits that he “never” really felt like part of the group.

D.L. says it never came across like he wasn’t secure within the group. Gill explains that’s because, “I know what God has given me and I’m so secure with that,” he said. While others fought to be in the front of photos he often just took his place in the back. He says he was that way because he knew, he would have his time to shine. Gill says he only showed up to be a team player and do his part.


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