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Police vehicle stop a speeding motorist on a dark road

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Everyone couldn’t wait to get out of the historic year of 2020 with the pandemic wreaking havoc, Trump’s refusal to concede, injustice and deaths at the hands of police going viral what seems like everyday.  Everyone was looking for that new day, new year of change in hopes that 2021 would bring.  Well for Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson’s grandson Frank Q. Jackson 2021 has been nothing but a to be continued of 2020 with his legal problems continuing to mount.

As reported around a week ago Frank Q Jackson was being charged with domestic violence, a first-degree misdemeanor, and a warrant was out for his arrest for allegedly hitting his girlfriend/his child’s mother in the face during an argument back in December of 2020.   Police caught up with Frank Q Jackson riding around in a car in Parma.  When police tried to arrest Frank Q he pulled off in his and allegedly pulled the officer who was hanging on to his are down the street with him before the officer let go and the 107 mile an hour speed chase started.  Frank Q Jackson was eventually arrested after the chase now facing new charges.

After Frank Q Jackson appeared in court singing a remix to Silkk The Shockers ‘It Ain’t My Fault’, Frank Q entered not guilty pleas to those charges as well, posted a $10,000 bond on Wednesday and bounced.

Now Cleveland city officials are doubling down on Frank Q Jackson’s, Silkk The Shocker Remix  and released police body camera video (see below) showing a woman accusing the mayor’s grandson of domestic violence as well as the unsolicited joy ride Frank Q took an officer on.

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