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The amazingly talented and legendary DeBarge family may go through some things that may not be befitting of stars but the one thing no one can ever take away from them is that they can flat out sang!!

59 year old Detroit native El DeBarge, of the legendary DeBarge singing group, made up of himself and his siblings Bunny, James, Marc and Randy, that taught us all how to love them in a special way.  Well El DeBarge that has a falsetto of a God along with a history of drug abuse and legal problems that has hindered his professional musical career, got acclimated with the world of going live on his own personal Instagram seated behind a piano to show his fans some love, joy, along with well wishes to those that were sick, with a message to “Let’s stay strong ya’ll.” before showing us that he hasn’t skipped a beat then had us all singing back ground to Ooooooh and I Like it ♫  El DeBarge may have aged in appearance but his voice still vibrates like it did in the 80’s.

You can teach a dog new tricks and you will always have what God has blessed you with.

Take a listen below.

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