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Kirk Franklin’s son 32 year old, Kerrion, leaked an audio recording of the Grammy award winning Gospel artist cussing him out, a recording/situation/story that went viral.  Kirk Franklin apologized publicly via his social media immediately.  Some believe the apology was necessary especially since Kirk Franklin is in the business of musical ministry, some think the apology wasn’t necessary because Kirk Franklin is a human being not above mistakes and that the situation is a personal family matter.  Not to mention how many of us have ‘lost our religion’ (pardon the pun) when dealing with our children.

Kirk Franklin who is married to Tammy Collins have spoken recently about the situation that went down with Kirk’s oldest son Kerrion.  However Kerrion is the son of Kirk Franklin’s ex girlfriend Shawn Ewing born out of wedlock when they were young.  Although they were never married as husband and wife Shawn Ewing and Kirk Franklin are in the marriage of co-parenting.

Shawn Ewing the mother of Kerrion has been silent in the back ground but on this situation between Kirk Franklin and their son Kerrion, Ms. Ewing can’t remain silent.  Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter what the ministry and in a recent inter Shawn Ewing is speaking out in Kirks behalf.  Shawn Ewing had this to say to her son Kerrion:

“What I am saying is that you were not abandoned. No one abdicated their responsibility towards you. You are loved, Kerrion Franklin. I will look at the camera and say it. You are loved. We support you then. We support you now. We support you tomorrow, but there’s a way to deal with it.”

Take a listen to Shawn Ewing speak on the situation between Kirk and Kerrion Franklin below.

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