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The rapper Lil Nas X has rode is horse to the old towne rode then rode to a stripper pole to hell to give Satan a lap dance and as a commemoration of the collaboration allegedly dropped some alleged Nike Satan shoes with a drop of blood in them allegedly selling for over a thousand dollars and sold-out the dame day they dropped.  Social media has been on fire, with this hell collaboration made supposed between MSCHF shoes, Lil Nas X and Nike.  Nike quite heated about the alleged project said immediately that Nike did NOT approve.  Lil Nas X issued a tongue and check YouTube video apology while dancing with the devil.  Nike said, oh yall think this is funny, we are not playing, see you in court.

The quickest way to prove your innocence is dropping a lawsuit and that’s exactly what Nike did.

Nike’s filed a trademark infringement complaint in the Eastern District of New York, arguing that MSCHF’s design creates a “likelihood of injury to Nike’s business reputation and goodwill.” The lawsuit also states the shoes created a “likelihood of consumer confusion, mistake, and deception as to the source of origin or relationship of Nike’s products and MSCHF’s Satan Shoes, and has otherwise competed unfairly by unlawfully trading on and using” Nike’s trademarks without permission.

We hope Lil Nas X saved up on that ‘Old Town Road’ money cause it likes he might be riding his duckets and possibly his career to hell…#IJS

Take a look at the video below

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