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Is it just me but does Reality Television play out better after the season finale when the real gets real on social media.

RHOA of Atlanta Falynn Guobadia was only a friend of the show but her REALITY may want to have Andy Cohen rethink the idea of giving her a peach because the drama in life since the season ended has been juicy then the peaches that were held during the season.   Porsha Williams introduced Falynn Guobadia as a friend to the show with an older husband, Simon Guobadia, but in January, Falynn, shared the news that she and Simon would be getting a divorce.

Fast forwarding to mothers day, Kenya Moore all season made it her business to get to the bottom of whether Porsha Williams banged Bolo, when clearly the real tea is that Porsha and Simon had been seeing each other and had gotten engaged.  Simon asked that their privacies be respected when a woman claimed that she had been dating Simon feel out the closet, Simon Guobadia then quickly shut that rumor down by saying if it’s true I’m putting my money where the truth is.

However, all seems happy, go lucky, between Porsha and Simon as Porsha just posted that she threw her new fiancé a birthday party with two gorgeous cakes.

Bringing us to today.

A sneak peek of an interview that will air on Youtube on ‘Up and Adam Live’ was shared on social media of what appears to be broken hearted not quite yet officially divorced,  Falynn Guobadia, speaking her truth about everything that has happened between her, Porsha and Simon.  However Simon Guobadia who seems quick to squash drama that may or may not be true reposted the video with a little message for Falynn that said don’t forget to tell that you cheated with your assistant and that you are pregnant.

The Face of Cheating Wife…Let’s start with why I filed for divorce.

Let’s start with who she cheated with and currently pregnant for and living in a home I paid for – post divorce. His Instgram handle is itsjaylanbanks and this is how your generosity gets twisted when you allow a hookah boy/mama’s boy become your wife’s assistant. Let’s get started there.

The social media Trolls where all over the tea that was spilling out of a double spout tea pot, and dug up alleged tea that Falynn was dating a guy that appears to be younger than her husband Simon who was a friend of their family that even vacationed with them.

Lesson in all of this so far?  Reality television is only as good as the keeping it real-ality.

Take a look at the video Falynn Guobadia shared and Simon Guobadia’s response post below.

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