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One of the most influential writers has put one of the most influential politicians on blast.

Author, producer, actor and screenwriter Stephen King is taking Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to task for the Kentucky senator’s actions for the last several years, especially the roles he played in changing our democracy and the way he was kissing up to 45.

From Uproxx:

King’s remarks follow McConnell’s clear signaling of the GOP’s readiness to tank the economy by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, an act that could spark a credit crisis and more. One can read all sorts of things into McConnell’s position on this subject now, when he’s previously voted in favor of raising the debt ceilings, and clearly, the Kentucky politician has chess moves in mind, probably while prioritizing the 2022 elections over the American people.

Here is what King has to say recently on McConnell on his Twitter account.

This is not the first the prolific horror author has called out the controversial Kentucky senator.  He also tweeted on McConnell back in 2019 and earlier this year.

One user in particular took notice of King’s most recent tweet and wants others to follow his lead.

Given how King has crafted such villains as “Randall Flagg, Pennywise, Raggedy Man, and Annie Wilkes,” he has a sense of who is “evil” and sees it in Congress.

Now with elections coming in 2022 and 2024, it’s no telling what Moscow Mitch might have in store when it comes to protecting himself, his political party and those he prefers and is willing to kiss up to.

With politics being more divisive than ever, it’s no surprising that McConnell is playing such a role in the division.

While it is good to see King stand up, it would be better to see more politicians, especially in the GOP, to call out McConnell for his dirty tricks.


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Article Courtesy of Uproxx

First and Second Picture Courtesy of EMMANUEL DUNAND and Getty Images

First through Fourth Tweet Courtesy of Twitter and Uproxx

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