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Kanye West Eazy Video

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Right before a judge ruled Kim Kardashian a singe woman Kanye West dropped a music video titled ‘Eazy‘ featuring The Game, that depicted a claymation of ‘SNL’ star Pete Davidson, Kim K’s new man, being kidnapped, buried alive before pushing up roses.   We along with others asked the question as to whether Ye had gone too far with the kind of creepy video.  Well Yeezy read everyone one’s concerns about the ‘Eazy’ video, now he has addressed it on Instagram a saying that we all got it wrong, the video was art not a proxy for harm.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, art is subject to interpretation, but who should be the interpreter?

According to Kanye West, himself, the ‘jeen-yuhs’, the artists.

Kanye West in an Instagram post on Sunday that also included a screenshot from the recently released ‘Eazy’ video, Yeezy suggests that thinking that there was any ill will or harm intended by the video is false.

Art is therapy just like this view

art is protected as freedom of speech

art inspires and simplifies the world

Art is not a proxy for any ill or harm.

Any suggestion otherwise about my art is false and mal intended 🖤

Wonder if Kanye thought that whole ‘art is protected as freedom of speech’ thing was put out there incase Pete D decided to seek legal action.  #IJS

Speaking of Kanye IG posts he also posted a poem about his divorce and how it makes him feel.

Ye may need therapy, although he has freedom of speech, everything that a person thinks doesn’t need to be said and if art inspires, what exactly does ‘Eazy’ inspire one to do?  So we will ask the question again…Did Kanye go to far, with the creepy ‘Eazy’ video?

Take a look at the post and video below

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