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With every action, there is a reaction so when Chris Rock told a joke Sunday night during the Oscars that was aimed at actress Jada Pinkett Smith the reaction was that her husband actor Will Smith got up and smacked her name out of Chris Rock’s mouth.  The problem with the reaction to the action, was that Chris Rock did simply tell a joke, whether it was in poor taste or not, it was physically non-violent in which Will Smith not only reacted to it violently but profanely on national television, then allegedly when he was asked to leave by the Oscars Powers that be, Will Smith refused.  Will Smith did offer up an apology while receiving an Oscar Award for playing Richard Williams in ‘King Richard’.

As a child you are always told to right a wrong when you make a mistake is to own that wrong and apologize.  As adults though sometimes depending on the wrong a simple apology just doesn’t cut it.  In the case of Will Smith what will cut it?

Wednesday on The Sam Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star on 93.1 WZAK in Cleveland the peoples attorney Warren Ballentine broke The Real Talk that Will Smith may have unsecured his bag on Sunday and the Black Ball that has been rolled out for others such as Oscar Award winning actress/comedian Mo’Nique, might be rolling over not only Will Smith but his entire family next.

Take a listen to the news The Truth Fighter Warren Ballentine broke and where the 411 came from on The Sam Sylk Show that might be going down as soon as Friday.


Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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