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LeBron James Makes History As First Active NBA Player To Become A Billionaire

LeBron James has hit various milestones over the course of his career. He’s a 18-time NBA all-star, a 4-time NBA champion, a 2-time Olympic gold medalist and a widely admired husband and father, and he just made history as a billionaire, according to Forbes.  Read More

BETTY WHITE L.A. HOME SELLS Goes For More Than Asking

Betty White‘s longtime home in Los Angeles where the Hollywood icon was living at the time of her death has sold for more than its asking price.  Read More


An Instagram model says she was booted from a flight because of her 22-pound boobs … and now she’s threatening a lawsuit.  Read More


Kim Kardashian is lending her voice to the fight in allowing the incarcerated father of one of the Uvalde shooting victims to be granted temporary release to attend his daughter’s funeral.  Read More


Amber Heard‘s lawyer has a million gripes over the jury verdict … saying the trial was a “zoo” and the jury was influenced by social media.  Read More

Jeannie Mai Introduces Her & Jeezy’s Adorable Baby Girl Monaco Mai Jenkins To The World 

Back in January Jeannie Mai and Jeezy welcomed their first child together, their baby girl Monaco Mai Jenkins. As Jeannie documented her postpartum journey as a first-time mother, she decided to wait until she shared her daughter with the world.  Read More

Jim Jones Explains Why He’s “Solely Responsible” For Kid Cudi’s Career Popping Off

Every rapper has their “come up” story about how they made it from nothing to something on their own. Jim Jones, however, happens to be at the forefront of Kid Cudi’s success story, he claims in a recent interview.   Read More

Denver Mom In Viral Graduation Dress Video Spills The Tea On Strained Relationship With Her Kids’ Stepmother

A Denver mother recently went viral after she expressed her frustrations with her daughter’s step mother purchasing her a graduation dress without her knowledge.   Read More

Man Allegedly ‘Got Mad at His Girl’ and Destroyed $5 Million Worth of Art in Dallas Museum

A man allegedly told authorities that he broke into the Dallas Museum of Art Wednesday night and damaged more than $5 million worth of art pieces because he “got mad at his girl,”   Read More

Las Vegas Chapels Receive Cease-and-Desist Letters Over Elvis Impersonators

Sin City could soon say goodbye to Elvis-themed weddings.  Read More

DaniLeigh’s Brother Addresses Reactions to TikTok Video of Him Dancing With His Sister: ‘No Weird Sh*t’

DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills took to his Stories Thursday to address people who thought he was looking at his sister inappropriately as she danced to his song “BUM BUM” on TikTok.   Read More

Biden Calls for ‘Commonsense Measures’ to Combat U.S. Gun Violence in Address to Nation

Joe Biden urged lawmakers to act on gun control during a Thursday prime time address from the White House.  Read More

Michael Avenatti Gets 4-Year Prison Sentence Over Stealing $300,000 From Stormy Daniels

Michael Avenatti was sentenced to four years in prison after stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from adult film actress Stormy Daniels.  Read More

Young Thug Denied Bond in YSL RICO Case

Young Thug was denied bond by Judge Ural D. Glanville at an hours-long hearing that took place on Thursday, June 2.  Read More

Steve Harvey Speaks on D.L. Hughley and Mo’Nique’s Contract Dispute Feud After Actress Called Him Out

The larger conversation surrounding an ongoing contractual dispute between D.L. Hughley and Mo’Nique continues this week, now complete with some input from Steve Harvey.  Read More

Phil Knight and Dodgers Co-Owner Alan Smolinisky Bid Over $2 Billion to Purchase Portland Trailblazers

Phil Knight’s love for his home of Oregon runs deep, and now the Nike founder, along with Dodgers co-owner Alan Smolinisky have made a bid for over $2 billion to purchase the Portland Trailblazers…Read More

Kim Kardashian Says She ‘Just Might’ Eat Poop Every Day If It Resulted in Looking Younger

News of the fecally focused variety received quite the bump this week thanks to a well-placed Kim Kardashian quote.  Read More

Florida Man Dies After Going Into Lake With Alligators to Search for Frisbees

A man in Florida was found dead after he decided to search for Frisbees in a lake with surrounding signs warning people to beware of alligators… Read More

Mass Shooter In Tulsa Was Angry Over Back Pain; Gunned Down Surgeon Who Treated Him & Anyone In His Way

The gunman responsible for the Tulsa, Oklahoma, mass shooting targeted the physician who performed his recent back surgery.  Read More

California Cracking Down On Water Use As State Sees Another Year Of Severe Dryness

California is cracking down on water use as the state breaks a record for its driest year.  Don’t leave that water running for too long if you’re a California resident, as the state is implementing restrictions around how long you can use your water.  Read More

Joe Biden Cancels $5.8 Billion In Student Loan Debt For Former Corinthian Colleges Students

Joe Biden has canceled $5.8 billion in student loan debt for students who used to attend Corinthian Colleges.  Read More

Kim Kardashian Admits She Pursued Pete Davidson After SNL Because She Heard About His “BDE,” Said She Was “Basically DTF” [Video]

Kim Kardashian is spilling the tea on how her and Pete Davidson’s relationship began….and it has to do with Big D*ck Energy.  Read More

California Releases Reparations Detailed Report Showing Harms of Slavery and Systemic Discrimination on African Americans

A statewide reparations report conducted in California has detailed the deep roots that slavery has had on the state over the years.  Read More

Celina Powell Hit With 2 Years In Prison For Violating Probation Terms

Influencer and professional superstar side chick Celina Powell has been sentenced to two years in prison.  Read More

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