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You know if gospel great Kirk Franklin can fill you with the spirit through music he is most definitely going to give you a word through speaking.

I smile, even though I hurt see I smile I know God is working so I smile ♫

Recently Kirk Franklin sat down for an interview and was asked if music listeners should separate the artist from the art when it comes to R. Kelly and other controversial celebrities.

“I feel about it the same way that if a pastor is pastoring a church and he’s abusing women in the church – if he’s abusing money in the church – but his preaching is good and if his word is good – you cannot – and God did not create us to be able to separate the two.” “There’s no way that you can separate the two. There’s no way I can put hands on my wife and come home and bring flowers and expect for there to be the same level of intimacy.”

Continued to also say that although R. Kelly was his ‘boy’ he didn’t know that he was getting down like that.

The subject of Kirk Franklin’s son, Kerrion, who was just recently released from jail came up.  Kirk Franklin and his son Kerrion have had a rocky relationship that not long ago played out on social media however when 34 year old Kerrion Franklin was released from jail he was quick to publicly thank his father Kirk.  Kirk Franklin say’s that they have always tried to keep family matters private and he loves his son Kerrion but he is wired differently.

“I’ve done everything that I could to try and help him for many, many many years. My son is a very talented, beautiful soul and the way that he was wired is not necessarily his fault. Some of us are born with very unique wiring and a lot of times in our community it is hard for us to acknowledge certain wiring. We want to think it’s something else.”

Take a listen to Kirk Franklin’s interview in the video below.

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