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The state of Ohio is suing Dollar General, accusing them of being shady with their prices.

Ohio Attorney General David Yost says that his office has received more than 10 complaints about the retailer that has more than 900 stores in the Buckeye State. Those complaints claim that Dollar General has consistently charged more at the register than what was listed on or near several products. The customers claim that the cashier refused to adjust the pricing in some of these situations even when the discrepancies were pointed out.

This story was originally reported by FOX 8.

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Via FOX 8…

In addition to monetary payments, the lawsuit is looking for court intervention to bring Dollar General into compliance with Ohio law.

“This is appalling behavior and should be answered for in a court of law,” Yost said in a press release. “If you see this happening in a store near you, let my office know. We’re here to protect Ohioans from being ripped off.”

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Price hikes are happening everywhere, on every product, especially in Ohio. It’s a shame that some companies just can’t be transparent with their hikes. Attempting to fool customers into spending more money is a shady move.

And if it isn’t shadiness, and instead is just pure incompetence, that may be even worse. Hopefully, this lawsuit will get everybody in line!

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