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Actress Nia Long has been a fantasy of male movie goers for years and NBA coach Ime Udoka snagged her gave her a beautiful baby boy and ring of engagement, a promise of his commitment to her til death do they part.  That was the case, until Ime Udoka got busted then was suspended from his role as head coach of the Boston Celtics following an alleged affair with a female staff member.  News that spread threw the blogs, however since it was Nia Long’s fiancé it spread through the blogs like wild fire and stayed a hot topic for…,well, to be honest it’s still a hot topic, because who would cheat on Nia Long!?

Recently Nia Long has been caught out with singer Omarion, and actor Terrence J to which she had to let folks know when she was questioned about her out and abouts with a look ‘I’m single AF’.

How about that for getting back on the horse!?

Nia Long who hasn’t publicly touched the Udoka cheating scandal, is now opening up just a little about it.

Nia Long said during an interview with Yahoo Entertainment’s Role Recall:

“I’ve had some pretty devastating moments in my life over the last couple of months and I’ve had to just say, ‘It’s alright, you’ll pick yourself back up and’ — oh my God I’m about to cry — ‘You pick yourself back up and you keep it moving,’”

Watch Nia Long Reflects On ‘Devastating’ Months After Ime Udoka Scandal VIDEO

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