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The pandemic catapulted the world into ‘The Jetson’s’ way of life.

People lost their jobs when the world was forced to shelter in home.  The government then kicked out money in the form of stimulus checks to stimulate the economy.  People learned other ways to make money to get by.  As the pandemic came to a close, the extra monies that people got to come back to work has been suddenly taken away with the high prices of groceries, automobiles, housing and energy.  People that thought they could financially get ahead found out the were given crumbs just to try to keep up once again.  But wait it gets worse your job may be taken away by a robot.

By the end of 2023, about a third of Walmart stores will be served by distribution centers where warehouse robots do much of the work.  McDonald’s restaurant — outside Fort Worth, Texas — features an “order ahead lane,” where diners receive their food via a conveyor belt; kiosks to place orders to go; and a pick-up shelf for meals.  Even NYPD & Mayor Adams announced that a fleet of robotic dogs will be patrolling in Times Square this summer.

If robots take over, what happens to people?  Take a look at the video below then give us your thoughts.

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