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The Cassius team is back with our recommendations for Black Watch, shows worth your precious streaming time that are quality, and also happen to feature people of color.  The first day of Spring has come and gone but you don’t have to be outside all the time, right?

Feel free to let us know what you’re checking for, too, in the comments.

Dead Hot – Tubi

Dead Hot

Source: Quay Street / Tubi

We know, we know—Tubi has a bad rep thanks to some horribly bad films it keeps on steady rotation. The fact that it’s owned by FOX also isn’t lost on us. However, Dead Hot, a “comedy thriller” which stars a diverse cast, including Vivian Oparah (remember her name), is actually professionally done and quite entertaining. Yeah, the plot is wild—mystery ensues when a fiance disappears with only a finger left behind—but it’s well worth the trip through six episodes of WTF and “Who wrote this?” ( Charlotte Coben; The Stranger, Stay Close, Shelter, Fool Me Once) moments. Alvin aqua Blanco


Severance – AppleTV+


Source: Apple TV+ / Apple TV+

Severance is a science fiction thriller that will stick with you long after you watch the final frame. Starting Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, John Tuturro, Patricia Arquette and more. Scott stars as Mark S., who works at the mysterious Lumon Industries and joins its “severance” program—which keeps his work life and real-life memories completely separate. It’s a bit more complicated than what we’re saying here, but it’s compelling television.D.L. Chandler

Diarra From Detroit – BET+

Diarra From Detroit, Diarra Kilpatrick, BET+, showrunner

Source: BET+ / BET+ gave BET+ series a Diarra From Detroit a positive review, so we figured we’d remind you to give it a spin:

“But it’s not the kind of Black-show-white-people-like fare that usually lends itself to those glowing accolades. It’s a show steeped in Blackness, but not one that’s dependent on Black hood tropes. Diarra Brickland is an elementary school teacher and her friends range from a bus driver to an entrepreneur and the local neighborhood criminal, who also makes great silver dollar pancakes”—Tonya Pendleton


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