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Back in the day, from a marketing stand point, entertainers were portrayed as not only amazingly talented but perfect from the way they spoke, dressed and behaved in their personal time.  The industry felt that fans could not handle the truth and would at times advise entertainers not to get married, not divulge they were married, not to have children, not to publicly admit their sexuality or anything they felt might make the public see them other then they perfect creation they were trying to sell.

In the case of living legend, Grammy Award winning singer Toni Braxton, she is now opening up about when she was diagnosed with Lupus it was one thing to receive the diagnosis, but she was then told by management to keep it a secret or loose her singing career.

“I was told to hide that I had lupus. Like, ’Don’t tell anyone,’”… “people get scared around sick celebrities. Nobody gets insured, and I couldn’t get insured.”  “I didn’t get work at first. No one wanted to put me on the stage. ‘Well, suppose she collapses on stage? And insurance? How are we going to do that?’ ”

According to her Rheumatologist Dr. Daniel Jeffrey Wallace, Toni Braxton wasn’t the only entertainer with that Lupus testimony.

How crazy is that, since we now live in a world where negativity is the best policy.

Take a listen to the interview below.

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