Good Brothas Beware! 6 Types Of Women NOT To Wife

May 5th, 2010 @ LJ Knight


Contrary to popular opinion among some women, there are good men out there. Unfortunately a lot of these men are so clueless that they choose the wrong type of women to engage in serious relationships with. When they are looking for wifey they often wife up an undeserving female and get bruised and hurt  by her in some way and then have a bitterness towards other women because of something that the one who broke their heart did to them. Bitter men are as unattractive as bitter women. In hopes of preventing another good brotha from choosing a female who does not suit him I have prepared the following list of types of women who he should avoid wifing at all costs. She is the type who is more trouble than what she is worth. I want to reiterate that I am talking to the “good brothas”. The rest of you losers can exit stage left. As always, feel free to add on more suggestions in the comments.

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Side Note- Women are complicated and there are times when the average woman might exhibit one or more of these characteristics. I am talking about the EXTREME versions of these traits.

1. The Needy Chick

This woman is actually beyond the regular woman’s neediness. She is the type who will drag a dude down and does not want to see him succeed. She will go as far as purposely getting pregnant in order to “secure” him in her mind. She generally has nothing else going on in her life that means anything to her. She has no goals, hopes, future dreams etc. Therefore you ARE her life. So much so that she will not let you breath. She needs to either be with you constantly or know your where abouts at all times. In fact her neediness can sometimes impede upon your progression. She can slow a brother with hopes and dream up because she will undoubtedly require an unrealistic amount of attention from him.

2. The User/ Gold Digger

She is out for herself. This chick is on the come up and wants to know what she can secure from you. She is looking for a sucka. She will move on to your freinds if she sees that their money stretches longer than yours. It is never personal for her. Only business.

3. The Whorish Chick

Sex is her tool of entrapment. Now some men might like getting trapped in this way. However, be weary of her motives behind the sexual attention she is giving. Chances are she doesn’t even like your sex, she realizes it is your weakness and is using it to get what she wants from you. Whatever that may be. Notice I did not say not to have sex with her. That is between your and your slong, but be cautious of what her moist spot might come with.

4. The Drama Queen

She is the one with a bunch of damn issues. We all have issues but I’m talking about ISSUES. She is the one that constantly has some type of drama going on in her life mostly because she is causing it. She does not know how to live without some type of drama happening. She is the type who says she will kill herself if you leave her etc..She does not know how to be happy unless there is some type of drama going on in her life. Much of the time, she will direct this need for excitement and drama towards her significant other. That would be you.

5. The Eternal Baby Moma

She is the chick with a bunch of damn kids by different dudes. However for some men be weary of the responsibility because wifing her up ultimately means being responsible for her children to some extent as well. For some, she might be a good woman so for some it might be worth the package deal.

6. The Crazy Chick

She is much more worse than the drama filled chick because she completely lacks rationale and is nutty. This is the chick who will slash your tires and break all of your car windows out for not answering your phone when she called. She takes the slightest disregard of her feelings deeply and wants you to feel her wrath. She lays in her bed at night contemplating how she could punish you. She needs to prove the point that you should never cross her again. Run!!

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