The weekend of July 30th was a joyous one for several famous couples. Three African-American celebrity couples and one celebrity daughter from a famous family were all married that weekend.

Given this unprecedented grouping of weddings all around the same time, we decided to handicap each couple’s chances for success. We’re not doing anything scientific here – just looking at a few factors we know of and seeing if we can predict who stays together and who could fall apart. Of course, you really never can tell. Would you have predicted Al and Tipper Gore divorcing after 40 years? Did you think Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown would stay together for 15?

Of course, we wish luck to all these couples and hope they find everlasting love together. But we’re still going to take our best guesses.


Married: July 30 in Miami, first marriage for both.

Ages: He turns 30 Sept. 25; she is 35.

Children: Two sons together. He has two sons and a daughter from previous relationships; she has a daughter from a previous relationship.


Astrology: She’s a Cancer, he’s a Libra.


Outlook: Good to excellent. A blended family can be a tough adjustment, but it appears the Harrises, together since 2001, have it together. Thus far, they’ve survived a jail stint, the death of their stillborn daughter, allegations of infidelity (his), the murder of his best friend – and the music industry. Cancers are great with home and hearth, which is what T.I. seems to need, but beauty is the Libra’s Achilles heel. Still, after all that, what could possibly tear these two apart? We couldn’t imagine.


Married: July 31 in Rhinebeck, New York, first marriage for both.


Ages: Clinton is 30; he’s 32.


Children: None

Astrology: She’s a Pisces, he’s a Sagittarius.

No, they aren’t African-American, but black America has had a long and mostly favorable relationship with the Clintons, although the heated 2008 presidential campaign tarnished it. But we certainly watched Chelsea Clinton grow up, and her marriage was the society event of the year. She and her new hubby have known each other since they were teenagers, but didn’t date until years later. Both have controversial political parents – His now-divorced parents were in Congress. His father did five years in jail for fraud, and Chelsea’s dad, well, you know. Since he is Jewish and she is Methodist, their wedding recognized both religions. We wonder if they’ll consider celebrating their anniversary next year with any of our celeb couples.

Outlook: Fair to good. Clinton certainly looked blissful on her wedding day, but things could always change. They both know the political scene, but neither seems to want to be involved in it. (He’s an investment banker, she’s pursuing a Ph.D.) Their biggest issue might be that he comes from a family of 11 adopted and biological children, and she’s an only child, so marriage and all the in-laws could be a huge adjustment. And Pisceans tend to be low-key, while Sags love the party life.



Married: July 31 in Jamaica, W.I.

Children: He has two sons from prior relationships. They had boy/girl twins together in 2009; she has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Astrology: He’s an Aquarius; she’s a Leo.

Legendary DJ Townes has watched a successful marriage at close range, as his good friend Will Smith has been married over a decade. But we guess he was waiting for the right one, and at age 45, looks like he’s found her. He …..


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