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What is the BlackPlanet Universe?

WZAK has joined with the BlackPlanet Universe to create WzakCleveland.Com, Cleveland’s source for the hottest new content, relevant news and information, exclusive interviews, videos and a community of people who share your interests and passions.

The BlackPlanet Universe is a network of websites built around the world’s original social network – – with the goal of helping our community engage with each other in ways never before possible.

If you’re a current BlackPlanet member, you can use your existing login to experience the benefits of membership. Just click and enjoy!

If you’re new to WzakCleveland.Com and have not yet joined, take a moment to register so you can participate in the conversation too. You won’t need to create a profile on BlackPlanet to enjoy our other sites, although it certainly makes things more fun!

As a member of the BlackPlanet Universe you have access to more than 15 million members who share your interests and love for the community. You can comment on stories, chat, create your own profile page and meet people from all over who share your interests.

The BlackPlanet Universe

* Cleveland’s Home for the Hip-Hop
* Cleveland’s Inspiration Station-
*Cleveland’s home for R&B
*Cleveland’s home for Honest
* Meet Like-minded People –
* Entertainment News –
* Topics For Women –
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* Empowerment and Spirituality –
* Celebrity, Style and Culture –

Join your community TODAY! And begin to experience the power of the BlackPlanet Universe. Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions about our offerings. I’m here to make this the best web experience you’ve ever had. At BlackPlanet we believe the World Is Yours and now the Universe is yours too.


Smokey D. Fontaine