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Shaye Moss was a faithful Georgia Election worker who took pride in what she did until former President Donald Trump changed her life forever when accused them of stealing votes for Democrats during the 2020 election. Now former Georgia Election worker Shaye Moss has testified that Donald Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani changed her […]

Tommy Egan changed area codes from the Big Rich Town to Chicago after his brother Ghost became a ghost now he is making moves to run his own city, his on way.  Why is Tommy taking up roots in the Chi “I want that money,  powder, power and respect ♫” and fan favorite Joseph Sikora […]

Hip Hop legends, Vinny and Treach, Naughty by Nature stopped by the studio to get naughty on The Sam Sylk Show…check out the video

Kem stopped by the studio to discuss the new tour with Charlie Wilson, his life beyond music and his testimony with Sam Sylk on @931wzak. The Best of Charlie Wilson and Also Behind the Scenes at the Cavs vs. Heat Game Follow us on Instagram to see even more of what you missed –> @931W Z […]