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15 Spectacular Facts Everyone Should Know About Cleveland


The mecca of the Midwest. The mistake on the lake.

Of course, the tone of those monikers is based on who you ask.

If you’ve ever lived here then you know how deep the natives’ love for this city runs. Clevelanders are full of pride. The blue-collar nature of The Land is everpresent, regardless if you’re uptown, downtown, or in the suburbs.

Cleveland Skyline on a Clear Fall Night - Aerial

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But if you’re an outsider looking in, well, then you may be unaware of just how special the city of Cleveland truly is.

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Cleveland, Ohio was founded in 1796 by Moses Cleaveland. Notice the slight spelling difference in the name. However, its name as we know it wasn’t incorporated until 1836, at which time it was officially recognized as a city in the newly forming United States.

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By 1940 Cleveland was the 6th largest city in the nation. Contributions from different inventors over the years have greatly benefited both the nation and the world. Things like the modern-day golf ball, the modern-day traffic light, gas masks, and even Life Savers candy and Superman have all come from the brilliant minds of former Cleveland residents.

With all that said – what should people today know about Cleveland? Keep scrolling to find out!

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Before we dive into the meat of this list, I must say, that while the weather may not be the first thing people think of when they consider a trip to Cleveland, perhaps it should be. Our summers may not be as sunny as Miami’s, but at least the heat is bearable… for the most part. And winters may seem like they last forever, but they don’t… because this isn’t Alaska!

Also, weather-wise, we don’t have to deal with extreme natural disasters to the degree of other parts of the country. We don’t get the horrible tornados of the Plain States. We don’t have the earthquakes and wildfires of the west, nor the hurricanes and tropical storms of the south.

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Keep scrolling to see 15 facts about Cleveland everyone should know!

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1. Cleveland Has Really, Really Good Beer

The state of Ohio has just hit over 400 breweries and a lot of them can be found in Cleveland. Whether you like stouts, pale ales, or something heavier – like Christmas Ale from Great Lakes Brewing Company, you’ll find exactly what you like to sip on in the great city of Cleveland.

2. Cleveland’s Public Transportation Ranks Among The Best In The World

A 2019 survey by Metro Magazine indicated that Cleveland had the 46th-best public transportation system in the United States. This puts us ahead of major metropolises like Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and even Columbus, Ohio.

3. Cleveland Actually Has Nice, Sandy Beaches

While Cleveland isn’t often thought of as a beach town, perhaps in some ways maybe it should be.

4. Foodies Love Cleveland

Another interesting thing about Cleveland is that we are underrated when it comes to food. Whether you’re going for a corned beef sandwich, delicious pizza, wings with sauce, high-quality barbecue, amazing seafood… Cleveland has it all!

5. Seriously, Cleveland Has The Best Corned Beef In The World

If you’re planning a trip to Cleveland anytime soon make sure you hit up Slyman’s. Trust me.

6. We’re All Ohio State Buckeyes

Whether you go to Ohio State or not, if you’re born in Cleveland, or the state of Ohio for that matter, we’re all Buckeyes fans. Deal with it. Oh, and on that note…

7. Browns Town

Browns Town Source:Matty Willz

While the Browns may not get the support of the entire state like the Buckeyes do, if you’re born in or around Cleveland, you ride and die with the Brown and Orange. Period.

8. Cleveland Literally Invented Rock n’ Roll

While you may know that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland, did you know that a Cleveland radio personality is the person who actually coined the phrase rock ‘n’ roll? Yeah, you’re welcome. This video clip is from the Hip Hop At 50 Holla If You Hear Me debut in the museum over the summer.

9. Akron, Cleveland, and LeBron James

Akron may have birthed them, but Cleveland gave him international superstardom. By the way, thanks LeBron for 2016.

10. We Hate The Pittsburgh Steelers & The Entire State Of Michigan

If you scroll up a bit you’ll see we ride or die with our football teams, good, bad, and indifferent. However, we have absolutely zero love for the Steelers or that team up north, no matter the circumstances.

11. We Drink Pop. Not Soda. Not Coke.

Depending on where you are in the country your carbonated beverage may come with different names. However, here in Cleveland, it’s just pop. Not soda. Not Coke. Just plain old pop.

Stop being weird.

12. St. Patrick’s Day Is Kind Of A Big Deal

For some folks in Cleveland, the holiday ranking goes Christmas, Halloween, then St. Patrick’s Day. And not necessarily in that order.

13. Your Favorite Christmas Movie Was Filmed In…

You guessed it. A Christmas Story was infamously filmed in Cleveland. 

14. Cleveland, The First City Lit Up By Electricity

Charles Brush of Cleveland, (yep, the same one Brush High School in South Euclid/Lyndhurst is named after), is credited with illuminating Public Square all the way backin 1879.

15. Superman Was Born In Cleveland

You wouldn’t be wrong to say that the whole superhero craze started right here in Cleveland. Superman, one of the earliest and most popular superheroes of all time, was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster… a couple of Clevelanders.