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LL Cool J "The F.O.R.C.E. Live" - Detroit, MI

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In 1994, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, professionally known as Common, made a big impact on the hip-hop scene with the release of his second album, “Resurrection” This album was a big moment in his career, consolidating his reputation as a gifted talent and conscious rapper.


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Resurrection” displayed Common’s upgrade as an artist. The album was produced by No I.D., a native Chicago producer who would become one of Common’s most frequent collaborators and a legend in the producer game. The track, “Resurrection,” and “I Used to Love H.E.R.” are standout hits that demonstrate his abilities of storytelling while tackling complex themes.

LL Cool J "The F.O.R.C.E. Live" - Detroit, MI

Source: Scott Legato / Getty

“I Used to Love H.E.R.”, is celebrated as a hip-hop classic. It strongly utilized metaphors to comment on the growing nature of hip-hop and its commercialization, earning both praise and criticism.

This album was an example of what was to come of Common’s future success. “Resurrection” is not just an album; it played a role in elevating hip-hop and Common as a whole.

Check out the album below!

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1. Resurrection

2. I Used to Love H.E.R.

3. Watermelon

4. Book Of Life

5. In My Own World (Check The Method)

6. Another Wasted Night With…

7. Nuthin’ To Do

8. Communism


10. Thisisme

11. Orange Pineapple Juice

12. Chapter 13 (Rich Man vs. Poor Man)

13. Maintaining

14. Sum Shit I Wrote

15. Pop’s Rap