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Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew Compton Confessions

Last week Ceaser and his crew of misfit tattoo artists and couch sitter in Teddy’s case shared some ratchet nuggets. This week KP and his team from Black Ink Crew: Compton are up next.

Following the same formula, Black Ink Crew: Compton’s cast sat down with host Marc Lamont Hill for the reunion special. In the building were Lemeir, Vudu Dahl, Tim, and Barbie, who all showed up on time, unlike the Ceaser’s tattoo artists. I Am Compton shop owner KP, Nessie, Danielle, and Alana Marie were in attendance virtually. Ink Drippin’ was noticeably absent from the taping.

Like the previous special, the crew spoke on the moments that went down during the show’s inaugural season. Unlike Black Ink Crew and Black Ink Crew: Chicago, the Compton show has been in limbo and was the COVID-19 global pandemic put a halt to the second season.

Still, a lot went down during season 1, and Hill made sure to touch on all of the juicy mess that went down like Vudu Dahl’s being in a cult, the company camping trip that led to Barbie being arrested after SHE CALLED THE COPS, Tim and Lemeir’s beef and much more.

So hit the gallery below to see the most interesting things we learned from Black Ink Crew: Compton Confessions special.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew Compton Confessions

Ratchet Nuggets We Learned From “Black Ink Crew: Compton’ Confessions Special  was originally published on

1. Barbie Is A Happy Mom & Soon To Be Wife

During the pandemic, Barbie used the time to bond with her son, and she loves every minute of it. She also revealed that she is soon to be married. Congrats to her. Happiness looks good on her. 

2. KP Said No To Ceaser

KP Revealed that he turned down an offer from Ceaser to work at Black Ink Los Angeles. KP said being that he is from helped him make that decision very easy. 

3. KP’s Clientele Is Very Noteworthy

The I Am Compton shop owner revealed he had done tattoos on some big names like Taraji P. Henson, Diddy, and many more. 

4. KP Took Nipsey Hussle’s Death Very Hard

Speaking about the tragic death of Nipsey Hussle, KP revealed he took it very hard specifically becuase both he and Hussle have a lot of similarities, and he saw himself in the “Victory Lap” crafter.

5. Lemier Thinks He Is A Better Tattoo Artist Than KP

Lemier isn’t shy when it comes to who’s the best artist in the shop. When asked if he thinks he is a better artist than KP, Lemier boldly said he is. KP, of course, strongly disagrees.

6. Tim & Lemier’s Beef Is Still Lowkey Simmering

Tim and Lemier seemingly have squashed their beef, but based on the reactions when Marc Lamont Hill touched on them almost coming to blows you can see there is still some tension between them.

7. Alana Marie Kicked Ink Drippin’ To The Curb

Alana made a guest appearance during the special, and she revealed that she and Ink Drippin’ are no longer talking. She has even has gone as far as to block him on social media. Alana also shared she has a new boyfriend now as well. 

8. KP Was Not Feeling Barbie Siding With The Enemy

During the whole work trip situation, KP was not feeling how Barbie, who helped him get the shop together, took the sides of people who came on board after the fact. 

9. Vudu Dahl Wants Nothing To Do With Her Mother

Touching on her family being in a cult, when asked if she wants to help her younger siblings, Vudu Dahl said yes. When the same question was posed but about her mother, Dahl says her mother can rot in hell. She also revealed that her dad was very controlling and made them believe he could read their minds. She has spoken to her family in 9 years. 

10. Lemier’s Happy Ice Business Is Flourishing

Lemier is not only a tattoo artist. He also sells a water ice product called Happy Ice. Lemier touched on the moment he sold his treats to Will and Jada Pinkett Smtih and even made a special flavor based on her hit Facebook Watch talk show, Red Table Talk.