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Creepy scary haunted mansion in the middle of the forest

Source: Amith Nag Photography / Getty

As summer comes to an end and pumpkins, hoodies and Timberlands take center stage, there’s one fall activity that millions of people around the world look forward to…

Haunted houses.

Hate em or love em, haunted houses are a fall season staple, especially across the midwest. Everyone can remember their first time going, and they’re often flooded with teens who are too cool to be scared or kids who think they can handle whatever fake horrors are presented.

But did you know that Ohio is actually one of the best places in America to visit a haunted house? As a matter of fact, six particular houses (three of which are in Northeast Ohio) have made a very distinguished, and scary, list.

The Haunted Attraction Association has put together its 2022 list of Top Haunts. If you live in Akron, Cincinnati, or Columbia Station then you certainly have something to look forward to this fall.

Keep scrolling to see the six Ohio haunted houses that you should check out this season!

You can see their entire list [here].

1. Akron: Akron Haunted Schoolhouse & Laboratory

1300 Triplett Blvd., Akron

2. Canton: Factory of Terror

4125 Mahoning Road NE, Canton

3. Columbia Station: Spooky Ranch

19066 E. River Road, Columbia Station

4. Sandusky: Ghostly Manor

3319 Milan Rd, Sandusky

5. Cincinnati: Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati

6. Fremont: Haunted Hydro Experience

1333 Tiffin St, Fremont