Remember when you where young and your parents gave you a curfew and you couldn’t wait to get older and older so that time would get later and later?  Now your grown you can come and go as you please for as long as you like, right?  Well this woman found out differently, she got […]

Your spouse has passed their close friend steps in to help you out.  You and the friend catch feelings for one another.  Are you crossing a ‘friend zone line’? A loyal listener in-law’s think that she has crossed the friend zone line and they are upset, so she in-boxed Sam Sylk, radio host of The […]

In the new millennium the biggest force of news and communication is social media.  But how young is too young to be on social media?  Is there a double standard between males and females?  What would you do if you found out that your shorty was picking up older people because they lied about their […]

You and the man you love have been off and on forever but you guys finally got your stuff together and are getting married.  You are about to have that dream wedding but then it happens.  While you guys were off and on he got someone else pregnant now the drama is starting.  What do […]

It’s a proven fact that a lot of serious issues that happens in families as of date stem from the fact that no one wants to address the elephant in the room, molestation. We have stories from prominent people in the entertainment world such as Oprah, Ellen Degeneres and rapper Common who have survived being […]

You are in engaged but you find out that your fiancé’ is cheating on you with a woman that is married and that married couple because of their poor finances are living with their parents.  You are smokin mad, but who do you tell the parents, the husband or Sam Sylk? A woman left a […]

Your grown, however not grown by much, son, brings his new lady interest home to meet you.  She seems a little chubby but you don’t really care if that’s your baby boy wants, so be it.  But through conversation with your child and his new boo you find out that the young lady is pregnant….and […]

When it comes to parents having children out of wedlock there is always the heated debate on whether or not it is a good idea to involve the courts as it pertains to custody and finances.  Is it a necessary evil or nah? Well a woman had a little unusual situation happen with her new […]

  Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, daily at 1 pm during his Reality Hour segment tackled the story of a man that hit the lottery for $80 million dollars then found out he had to give his ex-wife half. A Mega Millions lotto winner has been court ordered […]

You are trying to do the shared parenting thing but what happens when the parent you are sharing with goes off the radar and Bonetta Batrell tells you she doesn’t mean to gossip but she thinks Ray Ray has been hitting that pipe? You go to Facebook and inbox Sam Sylk, radio host of The […]

Sometimes when someone has a problem in their relationship they don’t realize how silly, mean and disrespectful they are until they put pen to paper and wtie it out then someone else reads it then end up reading you because of how ridiculas a situation may be.   But yet and still that is their truth/reality […]

You meet a person and your going through the dating stages.  Communication should be at a high, however the other person doesn’t really want to talk about their past relationships.  Is that really important?  How about if they were married before and neglected to tell you, does that really make a difference? Well a listener […]