Google finally announced something many people have been waiting for in its new Android Device Manager feature.

If you ask Google what Lil Kim looks like you’ll get a variety of answers. A query on the popular search engine auto-populates results that…

People are outraged over a mobile game app named “Angry Trayvon” which was available through various app stores before it was  finally pulled off the market. The game’s main character is a man in a hooded sweatshirt who walks through different parts of the country getting revenge on “bad” people. The game was made by […]

Mellody Hobson talks about wills during today’s “Money Mondays” segment. I’ve talked about the importance of getting your affairs in order to assure your wishes…


Did you ever meet someone you like and immediately wanted to find out more about him or her? Well a lot of people go to the practice of “Googling” to finding out about a potential mate. But should you?

Google is really on some cool futuristic technologythese days. The company is working on wearable technology in its secret off-campus Google X lair. Over the last year, Apple and Google have secretly begun working on projects that will become wearable computers.    Their main goal: to sell more smartphones. (In Google’s case, more smartphones sold […]

  Watch out iTunes…Google is looking to launch its own music store! The company is pushing further into the entertainment business with an online music store that it aims to have up and running within weeks. Music industry execs say the MP3 store will probably be linked to Google’s Music Beta cloud service. Google wants […]

Sickos can’t wait for Google to launch its new “face recognition” mobile app. It will identify people’s faces in order to access their personal information. Hartmut Neven, director of the Google project said that in order to be identified by the software, people using the app would have to check a box to give Google […]