Nicole Murphy went on The Wendy Williams show to give a side eye apology to actress Lela Rochon about getting caught by a random cell camera kissing her husband Antoine Fuqua.  Nicole when asked about LisaRaye’s comments about how Nicole allegedly roles with married men, Nicole Murphy response was she did not mess around with […]

So much for he said she said, Nicole Murphy allegedly said that LisaRaye is lying about allegations that Nicole Murphy tried to come for ex-husband.  But when LisaRaye’s sister radio host/rapper, Da Brat, heard what Nicole supposedly said, she put that brat tat tat tat on that bit of news and let everyone know that […]

Nicole Murphy opened up Pandora’s box when she kissed her “friend” film director Antoine Fuqua who is married to actress Lela Rochon, wife of 20 years (who is also her friend…allegedly). Now instead of being on her old reality show ‘Hollywood Exes’ it looks like we have a ‘Waiting to Exhale’ reboot in the making. […]

The internet has been on fire after photo’s of Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua circulated of them kissing while in Naples, Italy for the 2019 Ischia Global Film & Music Festival. The problem with that is film director Antoine Fuqua is married to actress Lela Rochon who is most notably know for her role as […]

Nicole Murphy And Antoine Fuqua: Is There Ever A Good Excuse For Friends To Kiss? Ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, Nicole Murphy, and director Antoine Fuqua husband of actress Lela Rochon were on a trip in Naples, Italy for the 2019 Ischia Global Film & Music Festival when paparazzi caught locking lips…allegedly, and there are pictures to prove it. […]

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The love lives of celebrities can be facinating, as well as annoying.  Some stars trade one famous significant other for another and we can’t help but compare last week’s flavor to the current flavor and wonder is this an upgrade or a downgrade? You decide.

  Nicole Murphy has good reason to be incensed, after a friend swindled her out $11 million. According to the Daily Mail, Troy David Stratos billed himself as a wealthy financial adviser and convinced his long-time friend Murphy to invest a large portion of her $15 million divorce settlement from Eddie Murphy, into an investment. Instead he used […]

After recently being honored for the Mark Twain Prize, Eddie Murphy is getting ready for his ninth baby. He’s having a baby with his new…

Michael Strahan & Nicole Murphy Back Together? Just when we thought Nicole Murphy moved on to other fish in the sea, comes reports that the “Hollywood…

Kim Kardashian Is ‘Selfish’ In Her New Book Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account is super popular (remember Kim’s wedding photo that’s the “most liked” in IG history?),…