“Madonna at Sixty,” a New York Times feature published Wednesday, has been met with some detailed words of disapproval from its subject, who characterized the piece in a subsequent Instagram note as “further proof that the venerable [Times] is one of the founding fathers of the patriarchy.” The Madame X creator preceded the criticism of the publication and society at large with some words of […]

Nicki Minaj is breaking the Internet with her risque Paper Magazine shoot, but not in a good way. The raunchy cover has fans questioning if it was necessary, at this point in her career, to appear in this clad capacity and what message it sends to young girls. Paper’s annual attempts to “break the Internet” have […]

Brelyn Freeman, now Brelyn Bowman, the daughter of Maryland Pastor Dr. Mike Freeman, recently got married. It looked like a beautiful Black society wedding from the photos posted on social media. But it’s not the wedding itself that has people talking. It’s what happened before the ceremony. Brelyn decided to give her father a special gift – proof […]

*If you think you had a busy Thursday, just imagine what it was like for LeBron James. First and foremost, he was back in action with the Miami Heat against the New York Knicks. Oh yeah he was wearing this strange looking black mask to protect his broken nose. So what was up with that, […]

CLEVELAND – Road maps, newspapers, and phone books are on their way to extinction because of the Internet. Some retail experts say paper receipts could be next. A number of major retailers, including Kmart, Old Navy and Gap Inc., now offer customers the option of receiving electronic receipts that are sent to their e-mail accounts. […]

A North Carolina teacher writes “loser” on student’s paper and now all heck has broken loose.