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Prayers are in order as news has traveled that on the eve of the big game a Cleveland Big Game legend has passed, Lynn Tolliver Jr. who brought big time radio to WZAK in the 80’s. According to Lynn Tolliver Jr.s bio in the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters (CAB): Lynn Tolliver arrived at WZAK in […]

A radio host in New Hampshire, Dianna Ploss, formerly of WSMN 1590, lost her S#@# while she was walking to the radio station studio when she overheard some landscapers speaking Spanish to one another.  According to reports white landscapers were communication with Hispanic landscapers in Spanish and for whatever reason that irritated Ploss to the […]

Ladies what would you do if you showed up at your new BFF house and singer Ginuwine was sitting in the house at the kitchen table!?  Would you start singing ‘….Ride it My Pony’ or ‘My Whole Life Has Changed’ 🎶 Ginuwine had the answer to that question before hitting the stage at the 90’s […]

Millions of Americans live pay check to pay check but what happens when you are about to marry into that situation and it doesn’t seem like things are getting better?  As a matter of fact the wedding itself may have you in bankruptcy court?  Would you still be like the Cleveland Cavaliers Fans and be […]

According to, Herman Cain the former pizza entrepreneur, talk show host, and GOP presidential candidate is returning to the airwaves on Atlanta’s News-Talk WSB radio. The man with the “9-9-9″ tax plan will take over from libertarian-leaning Neal Boortz, who has hosted his own show for 20 years. Cain will grab the reins full-time […]

Sheryl Underwood To Make Appearance On The Y&R!