Everybody has their opinions about Kim Kardashian, but just for 5 seconds imagine if you were her and you had 4 young children by Kanye West and going through a divorce.  My seasoned saints already know that divorce is hard on the couple and equally hard on the kids but imagine mixing in Kanye’s latest […]

Source: James Devaney / GettyKanye West has settled to pay his ex/estranged/whatever they are, wife and mother of his children Kim Kardashian $200K a month or child support.  However the IRS has alleged froze Kanye West/YE  bank accounts because he owes them $50 million dollars. Obviously Kanye West never delivered the message of “Render to Caesar what is […]

They say that Ye went on a talking cleanse were he was going to stop talking for 30 days.  Paparazzi caught up with Kanye West in mid cleanse to let him know that they support him, and that’s when Ye fell off the wagon giving folks an even bigger ear full. According to the formally known as Kanye […]

Candace Owens had seemed to be quiet as of late, up until she sported the ‘WLM’ shirt at the Yeezy fashion show.  Candace Owens then much like her fashion show buddy Ye then rolled out a new documentary that wasn’t getting much traction, up until ‘Ye’ went on the ‘Drink of Champs’, claiming that, allegedly, after watching […]

Kanye West now known as Ye has been a busy beaver trying to buy a house across from his soon to be ex-wife Kim Kardashian, making plans to tear the house down, go toe to toe with Kim K’s dating caught on film life however it appears that someone/fan tried to catch up with Kanye West not for a […]

With Kanye West being formally known as, his new name Ye came with a new beginning as Ye and Drake having now officially publicly squashed their beef to mend fences in the name of The Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert that went down last night live in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum […]

The sad news was shared via the family of Virgil Abloh, that the 41 year old Chicago native designer, artistic director for Louis Vuitton and Off-White founder has passed away after battling “a rare, aggressive form of cancer” called cardiac angiosarcoma. The heart breaking news that rattled social media came just hours before Kanye West’s […]

All things can be done through Christ especially a rap beef that went way too long and nobody can remember what it was all about anyway, now Ye and Drake are reunited and it feel so good!! Last week Kanye and Drake squashed the beef this week Kanye West celebrated their reunification during Sunday Service.  The marketing genius […]

It’s no secret that ‘YE’ formerly known as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West were getting a divorce.  What threw some folks for a loop was when Kanye West had his recording breaking ‘Donda’ listening party in Chicago there was a wedding scene that featured Kim Kardashian decked out in a beautiful wedding dress.  Then […]

Where all my Netflix binge watchers at!? Coming up soon to a living room near you via Netflix is a documentary that nobody is going to want to miss, ‘Jeen-Yuhs’, the story of the man that you can’t help but want to understand, musical mad man, Kanye West. Fresh off of smashing records with his […]

These are the times we are living in, fifty one year old New York native, Hip Hop mogul, born Sean John Combs, better known to us as Puffy, Puff Daddy, Diddy, P. Diddy legally changed his name that was given to him at birth to Sean Love Combs back in May. Now it is being […]

Kanye West turned heads last year with a coontastic comment that slavery “sounds like a choice” which didn’t gain him much in the way of support. Now, the Chicago superstar is fighting for his freedom from a binding contract with EMI that states he’s not allowed to retire from making music. THR reports: The insensitive […]