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Enjoy these tips on eating healthy.. eating right.. eating to live, not living to eat.. we can also enjoy our favorites, but in moderation…

Eat Healthy!

Food, Nutrition and Health Tips from the American Dietetic Association

20 Ways to Enjoy More Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains and Dairy

To get the most nutrition out of your calories, choose foods packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and other

nutrients—and lower in calories. Pick fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fat-free or low-fat dairy more often.

Be aware of portion sizes. Even low-calorie foods can add up when portions are larger than you need.


Variety abounds when using vegetables as pizza topping. Try broccoli, spinach, green peppers, tomatoes,

mushrooms and zucchini.


Get saucy with fruit: Puree berries, apples, peaches or pears for a thick, sweet sauce on grilled or broiled

seafood or poultry, or on pancakes, French toast or waffles.


Mix up a breakfast smoothie made with low-fat milk, frozen strawberries and a banana.


Heat leftover whole-grain rice with chopped apple, nuts and cinnamon.


Make a veggie wrap with roasted vegetables and low-

fat cheese rolled in a whole-wheat tortilla.


Try crunchy vegetables instead of chips with your

favorite dip or low-fat salad dressing.


Grill colorful vegetable kabobs packed with

tomatoes, green and red peppers, mushrooms and



Banana split: Top a sliced banana with a scoop of

low-fat frozen yogurt. Sprinkle with a tablespoon of

chopped nuts.


Add color to salads with baby carrots, grape

tomatoes, spinach leaves or mandarin oranges.


Prepare instant oatmeal with low-fat or fat-free milk

in place of water. Top with dried cranberries and



Stuff an omelet with vegetables. Turn any omelet

into a hearty meal with broccoli, squash, carrots,

peppers, tomatoes or onions with low-fat sharp

cheddar cheese.


“Sandwich” in fruits and vegetables. Add pizzazz

to sandwiches with sliced pineapple, apple,

peppers, cucumbers and tomato as fillings.


Wake up to fruit. Make a habit of adding fruit

to your morning oatmeal, ready-to-eat cereal,

yogurt or toaster waffle.


Stock up: Fill your fridge with raw vegetables

and fruits —“nature’s fast food”—cleaned, fresh

and ready to eat.


Top a baked potato with beans and salsa or

broccoli and low-fat cheese.


Microwave a cup of tomato or vegetable soup

for a quick afternoon snack.


“Grate” complement: Add grated, shredded or

chopped vegetables such as zucchini, spinach

and carrots to lasagna, meat loaf, mashed

potatoes, pasta sauce and rice dishes.


Stuff a whole grain pita with ricotta cheese

and Granny Smith apple slices. Add a dash of



Make your main dish a salad of dark, leafy

greens and other colorful vegetables. Add

chickpeas or edamame (fresh soybeans). Top

with a low-fat dressing.


Try this recipe for an easy, healthy snack.

Surprise! Popcorn is a whole grain.

Popcorn Delight

Makes 1 serving

3 cups popped fat-free unsalted popcorn

1 tablespoon sliced almonds

2 tablespoons raisins or other dried fruit such as

cranberries, apricots or dates

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon sugar

In a medium bowl, combine the ingredients and

toss well.

Nutrition Facts per Serving:

Calories: 230

Fat: 7 g

Saturated fat: 1 g

Carbohydrates: 39 g

Fiber: 6 g

Protein: 6 g

Sodium: 274 mg

Recipe provided courtesy of John Wiley & Sons, from Expect the Best:

Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During & After Pregnancy by

American Dietetic Association ©2009, John Wiley & Sons.

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The American Dietetic Association is the world’s largest

organization of food and nutrition professionals.

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Authored by American Dietetic Association staff registered dietitians.