Daily SMH: Crossdressers Use Facebook to Lure and Rape a Minor

by Andreas Hale Posted Dec 3rd 2010 10:30AM

Quinton Harris and Fredrick Lamar are two very sick individuals. The males hoodwinked a young man into thinking they were girls on Facebook and then proceeded to rape the minor. SMH.

Every single day there’s something that makes you shake your head. It can be in laughter, amazement or disgust. This one is certainly the latter. Sex charges were filed against two men who pulled a fast one on an underage young man before raping him in a Cleveland, OH hotel. The “fast one” came in the form Harris and Lamar passing themselves off as women on Facebook to lure the young man over to their room at the Inter-Continental hotel by the Cleveland Civic. As you can see somewhat in the picture above, the two cross dressers are far from the lookers, so how they fooled this boy is beyond us. But we digress… Harris and Lamar sent a limo to scoop up the young man and brought him to the hotel. Still under the impression that the hes were shes, the young victim found out the hard way that these girls weren’t what they tried really hard to portray. It wouldn’t be until after he had sex with one of them that he figured out the chick was a man. Talk about some ‘The Crying Game’ stuff here. So, obviously embarrassed, the boy went to police and told them the entire story. It’s just a really sad and sick story. Sad because this boy got fooled by some terribly ugly chicks. Sick because Harris and Lamar would even think to concoct a plan such as this. All we can do is shake our head.

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