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An MTA bus driver could be in trouble after video obtain exclusively by Fox 5 News shows him forcibly removing a disruptive passenger from his bus in Brooklyn. A B35 bus stopped on Nostrand Avenue Thursday because passengers complained that a woman lit up a cigarette. The video shows her smoking. Passengers are heard insisting she put out the cigarette or get off, but she refuses. She goes for another puff, and the driver, wearing his NYC transit sweater with a patch on the right arm for identification, walks into view. He tells the woman that he could have police remove her and asks her to get up. The video shows her refusing. The driver grabs her and forcefully lifts her from the seat and out the back door. Once off the bus, the situation seems to be over. But then the driver appears to take a jab while she is on the ground. The MTA is reviewing the footage to identify and interview the driver. But the agency did say that the driver’s actions were inappropriate and that he should have contacted the bus command center to get help from the NYPD.

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