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While male football fans will be smearing their faces in paint for the Super Bowl this Sunday, or resorting to their boring jersey’s, we’ve got some tips to help you still look chic and sexy at your Super Bowl Party. Fashion guru Sam Saboura gave StyleList these tips:

Throw In The Towel & Grab A Scarf Instead

Football fans love to wave their towels, but a scarf is a more fashionable option. “Scarves are a great alternative to cliché sports items. And stripes are a huge trend for spring, so you can look for a striped scarf that features one of the team colors.”


Go for a preppy look by putting a T-shirt on top of a buttondown or underneath a blazer.

Kick Off Your Stilettos

Ditch your heels and go for a more athletic shoe with a feminine flair.


The Steelers and the Packers both have gold in their team colors, so use gold accessories to show your spirit.

Add a sleek ponytail and skinny jean, and you’re good to go.

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