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CLEVELAND – Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson released details of the previously announced layoffs for city workers during a news conference Monday morning.

A total of 466 positions are being cut — 321 current positions and 145 unfilled positions. Of the positions currently filled, 275 are full-time, 1 is part-time and 45 are seasonal.

The cuts are affecting every city department, safety services included. Here is a breakdown of the cuts affecting currently held positions:

– 81 police officers

– 42 cadets (will be allowed to graduate, but then will be immediately laid off)

– Police demotions: 4 sergeants

– 51 firefighters

– Fire demotions: 4 battalion chiefs, 3 captains, 10 lieutenants

– 6 employees in building and housing (5 full-time, 1 part-time)

– 17 in public affairs, finance & law

– 79 public works employees (34 full-time, 45 seasonal)

– Municipal court: 37 in judicial, 8 in clerk of court

During a news conference Monday, Mayor Frank Jackson said the cuts are due to a lack of flexibility in the state’s proposed budget, which had been used during the past five years to balance the city’s budget. Jackson said the state’s proposed budget imposes a $35.7 million deficit on the city.

Here are the public services that will be affected by the cuts:

– Police: Reduction in number of 1-officer and 2-officer neighborhood patrols

– Fire: Close 5 of the 40 fire companies (note: fire companies are not the same as fire stations)

– Public works: Relies on seasonal employees to handle seasonal service delivery

– Waste collection: Trash will still be collected weekly, but collection will be delayed during the day

– Waste collection: Bulk item pick up will be delayed from same-day to 3 to 4 days

– Waste collection: Delays in dead animal collection, public receptacle service downtown and in neighborhoods, special event cleanup, recycling drop-off location service

– Streets: Scaled back maintenance of crack sealing program

– Streets: Main street sweeping reduced from 6 sweeps to 2 sweeps

– Streets: Elimination of leaf pickup

– Streets: Will NOT significantly reduce the level of snow removal service

– Recreation: 20 playgrounds will be unstaffed — only playgrounds attached to recreation centers will be staffed

– Recreation: Lunch program will only be available at rec centers and staffed playgrounds

– Recreation: Outdoor pools will be be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, regardless of temperature

– Recreation: Recreation centers will close on Saturdays

– Public works: Reduction in 2nd shift emergency traffic light repairs

– Public works: Street painting will be delayed by two months

– Public works: Fewer trees will be trimmed at parks, delayed response to storm damage

– Public works: Reduction in routine ground maintenance and snow operations at parks.

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